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Jul 14, 2012 12:35am EDT
, this thing's going to be awesome. and then, he might give us a little treat for the web, too. >> steve: ooh. >> jimmy: you guys, today is friday, and that's usually when i catch up on some personal stuff. i usually, like, check my inbox. i return some e-mails, and i of course send out thank you notes. [ cheers and applause ] i was running a bit behind so i thought if you guys wouldn't mind, i'd just like to write out my weekly "thank you notes" right now. is that cool with you guys? [ cheers and applause ] james dean, can i get some -- [ light laughter ] can i get some "thank you note" writing music, please? ♪ thank you. >> steve: you caught him off guard. >> jimmy: that's good. >> steve: you caught him. >> jimmy: yeah, i got him on that one. -- james dean. >> steve: and not the pork sausage guy. >> jimmy: yeah, there you go. [ light laughter ] not the actor. >> steve: no, not jimmy dean. >> jimmy: no. >> steve: rock on. ♪ jimmy dean james dean. ♪ rock on [ laughter ] ♪ rock hard >> jimmy: in the freezer. but then, you have to defrost them. [ light laughter ] ♪ breakfast every day
Jul 24, 2012 6:00am EDT
capabilities to secure our borders and first responders. u.s. customs and border protection began first looking at drums back in 2004, now cvp owns 10 ues aircraft. the systems have been used to surveilled drug smuggler tunnels, videos, burbridge, risk of flooding and assist with the deployment of national guard resources responding to local flooding. cdp has flown missions in support of the border patrol, texas rangers, u.s. service, fbi and others. the systems have become a force multiplier for military operations and for border security. however, we run the edge of the new horizon. using unmanned aerial systems within the homeland currently are 200 active certificates of operation issue i the federal aviation administration to over 100 different entities such as law enforcement department and academic institutions to fly drugs domestically. this map on the monitor shows the locations of coa recipients as at april 2012. the number of recipients since that time has in fact increased. the faa plans to select 65 cities around the country for the use of nongovernment euros this year and plans to
FOX News
Jul 3, 2012 3:00pm PDT
>> greg: true. >> kimberly: thank you for spending time with us. tune in tomorrow for the fabulous fourth of july special. west point hell cat, dunk tank and wings. you don't want to mess it. see you back here tomorrow. ♪ >> john: another u.s. apology. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> john: good evening. i'm john roberts in for bret baier. pakistan in the seven-month long blockade in the boarder with afghanistan that cost the american taxpayer $2 billion. it took an american apology which the pentagon and the administration have said for months would not be forthcoming. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has details. >> reporter: the apology came from hillary clinton in a phone call to pakistan foreign minister. "we are sorry for the losses suffered by pakistani military. we are committed to working closely to pakistan and afghanistan to prevent this from ever happening again." for seven months, the white house, state department and pentagon said they would not apologize for the cross-border shooting incident on novembe november 26 that left 24 pakistani troops
Jul 8, 2012 3:30pm PDT
vehicles, uav's. pilotless aircraft used mostly by the u.s. military for surveillance, reconnaissance, and killing, as in yemen recently. he here at home, law enforcement agencies, local police, are eager to utilize drones for civil surveillance. some already do. 146 commercial drones are now accessible for civil law enforcement nationwide. the number is expected to skyrocket. the the u.s. senate armed services committee called for allowing these drones to operate, quote unquote, freely and routinely in u.s. airspace. such authorization has rattled some members of congress. notably republican senator rand paul. he's introduced an act to prohibit the i don't say of drones by u.s. civilian government unless authorized by a warrant. that would put parameters on such usage. >> what i would say is that drones could be used if you have a proper warrant but that means you go through a judge, a judge has to say there's probable cause of a crime, but i don't want dreams crisscrossing our city and country snooping on americans. that's a surveillance state that i'm very concerned about and that'
FOX News
Jul 3, 2012 6:00pm EDT
the u.s. taxpayer estimated $2.1 billion to fly supplies needed by u.s. and nato troops through the northern central asian corridor. truck convoy backed up at the border were attacked. pakistanis close the c.i.a. air base used for drone strikes and demanded $5,000 per vehicle that passed through the border. so what changed? pakistani dropped fees for each truck passing through the border and the u.s. apologize u.s. apologized. some say pakistan gained more from the break through. >> it has been able to obtain the u.s. apology, obtain that relations have improved between the two countries without takes those difficult steps of going after the sanctuary, getting the taliban to play a positive role of reconciliation talks. >> pakistan new prime minister indicated another motivation for opening the supply line. the exit of the u.s. forces from afghanistan. he said in a statement today. >> john: what else request fig do pakistanis get for opening up supply route? >> $1.1 billion in combat support funds that the u.s. frozen and will now process. pakistan's ambassador insisted the agre
Jul 24, 2012 4:00am EDT
have the composite euro zone out for us. on the urow zone p mi, 47.6. it was 47.2 was the full cost, and then slightly better than we thought on that. the july manufacturing was 44.1. that was 45.3 was the forecast. so the new orders, 42.9, that's weaker than 43.5 in july. the flash composite pmi is 46.4 and the manufacturing component dragging that down versus the 46.5 we might have expected and 46.4 in june. so up matching the june level. joining us in the studio is chris williamson, chief economist at market which helped to compile the data. thanks for joining us. let's kick it off with the german number there, because that's weaker aacross the board than we might have thought, and the new orders contracted for the third month in a row. no signs of any stabilization in a contractionary levels. >> indeed the contraction is getting more severe. that's the key to all surveys out this morning. that german number is coming down. there's some blurring of the data by what's going on in france at the moment. the only area that we saw across the euro zone that saw any sort of improvement
Jul 24, 2012 9:00am PDT
journalists charged today. dan rivers joins us from london to talk about this. dan, they're accused of illegally eavesdropping on the voicemails of some of the world's biggest celebrities, but also a murder victim as well. remind us just how big this case has become. >> reporter: oh, it's become vast. we're only really at the beginning of the legal process here. we've got eight people charged today with hacking phones or commissioning people to hack phones. they include rebecca brooks, one rupert murdoch's most trusted executives, the ceo of news international. her deputy andy colson has been charged with five different counts. he, of course, went on to be a communications director for the british prime minister, so there are political implications. we have a whole slew of other senior journalists on the newspaper who have also been charged. but the victims, we're getting more and more information about the variety of people whose phones it is alleged were intercepted or hacked into. sir paul mccartney, jude law, sigh ena miller, brad pitt, angelina jolie, politicians, sports stars.
Jul 29, 2012 4:00am EDT
>> hello and welcome to us farm report. i'm al pell and poor john vets. just when we think the drought has bottomed out we have new government data that further reminds us just how precious and welcome a good summer rain would be. by far in not bad in the heart of the indiana drought. now we did get some rain this week, it's just a fraction of what the parched field name. time now for the headlines. >> tom vilsack designated 76 additional counties and six drought impacted states as drought affected areas this week. so far nearly 31 counties and to restate that that declaration. it continues to weather in the. >>> the monitor now shows every state has a small amount of abnormally dry conditions or worse. the red color indicates there is an extreme drought. while some rainfall in the last week is still way behind the average rainfall. as far as crops it was a three- point decline. we saw another big drop in corn. and that's another five-point decline. a fourth estate has now been added to the list with single digits or guilt. and, along with indiana, kentucky and missouri. >>
Jul 24, 2012 1:00pm EDT
a sign. tell us about the sign. it's an acrho anyone, pray for everyone, rely on god for comfort, always seem faith, you are not alone. we will not live in fear. >> reporter: why did you want to come here and bring the sign? >> we're part of the community. i'm a parent. it could have been my kids. you know, it's the grace of god that my baby's name is not on there. we wanted to show our love and support for our community, and that we are -- we are supportive and not going to let this change us. >> reporter: i think suzanne, that's the spirit i felt. people have been coming by. there's a prior circle going on. people have been coming by, and i've had heard that throughout the community, that people will not give into the darkness of this event, they'll not give into fear, live positively and try to remember the good things about these victims and forget as much as they can about the suspect. suzanne? >> we serb responsibility their efforts 689 jim, thank you so much. >>> new life emerges from the tragedy. even as the victims of shootings struggle how to recover, the wife of one of the vic
Jul 29, 2012 9:15am EDT
-span2 and 3. from houston's first baptist church joel rosenberg note reflect on whether the u.s. can recover from its economic and spiritual decline. it is about two hours. [applause] >> thank you. what a joy to be here in houston at houston's first baptist and i want to thank this church and the pastor for hosting us and making this possible. i want to thank all the churches that are participating all over the country. we have churches and small group bible studies and home village of groups in 42 states around the united states as well as in canada, india, new zealand who are participating. god bless you. for the next three hours we will look at issues that are sobering to say the least and we will take questions from those of you here at houston's first baptist but we also want to take questions from those around the country. and the three hours we have here. we would love for you to tweet those questions. some of you already have but you can tweak in your questions during the event. even those of you who want to get to the microphone and you can do that, j.c. are/traffic. @j.c. a
Jul 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. it is necessarily to speak, it is necessary to give a man to speak with us vernlthsz i want to explain how we got here. mali is in the middle of a war that the world needs to watch. the it began when the united states and nato intervened in libya. when the weapons were stolen by islamic radicals. the tour egg used the weapons to fight and declare independence from mali. the country was split in half. the mali government with only about 37,000 troops couldn't stop them, and frustrated by that failure, some commanders staged a koup. mali fell into complete disarray and that's when islamic radicals seized the moment. person after person here has told us they've seen fighters from the middle east. the islamic radicals kept in and kraushd the tour egg. they have many more weapons. 340u7b9 mounted on the back of 4 x 4s. the radicals use those weapons to destroy historic shrines. they say the consequences of the world letting this convinces grow bigger and bigger are dire. >> translator: the actions of the terrorists have direct convinces for europe and the united states. >> i can tell you here people a
Jul 22, 2012 7:00am PDT
of chefs, first, the latest on the tragedy in colorado and how it affects us all. >>> good morning, i'm melissa harris-perry. today, president barack obama will travel to aurora, colorado to meet with the grieving families of the victims of a shooting street that turned a midnight screening of "the dark knight rises" into a horrific tragedy. 26 victims remain hospitalized this morning. 9 in critical condition. the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, a former neuroscience graduate student, is being held in solitary confinement, while he awaits a court appearance in the county on monday. yesterday, federal and local authorities disarmed the explosives rigged inside holmes' apartment, designed to kill whomever entered it. police have allowed residents evacuated from surrounding homes to return. let's get the latest from kristen dahlgren from aurora. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: good morning, melissa. you can see holmes' apartment behind me here, the one on the third floor there with windows broken out by authorities. as they were disarming those bombs. his building is still roped o
Jul 22, 2012 10:00am EDT
improvised grenades and three jugs of some kind of improvised napalm. they designed the bombs using a remote-controlled robotic device. we could hear a small blast outside here yesterday, and they also worked to preserve what's going to be used as evidence in the case against them as they continue to build that. last night, the fbi left here with what looked like a laptop and hard drive, and they also are saying that they have found evidence inside the apartment that shows this was calculated and deliberate both in the shooting and arming this apartment here with that network of bombs, melissa. >> kristen, thank you so much. undoubtedly, what we have seen since this tragedy as horrific as it is, is still some of the best news you can magiimag manl, that they could disarm that without further loss of life. >> let's bring in craig meeks and jonathan alter. thank you, both, for being here. we're starting to get to a point a couple of days since the tragedy where we can start to think about what it means more broadly. obviously, the president is going to colorado today. going in his role as pres
Jul 15, 2012 9:00am PDT
used 17 years old say that marijuana, cocaine and alcohol are common at house parties where parents are present. is substance abuse the new national pastime? we'll ask joe call fon oh, director of the national center on addiction and substance abuse. kaf >>> welcome secretary califano. >> nice to be with you. >> pleasure to have you with us. mel gibson was arrested in malibu, california not long ago and i'd like to know from you from your knowledge of the case, whether or not mel gibso was exhibiting signs, clear signs that he's an alcoholic. >> i think -- he was certainly exhibiting clear signs that he's an alcohol abuser. that he gets drunk and loses any inhibitions and lets the demons out. whether or not he is a full-blown alcoholic in the sense that he drinks so much so often that he can't function in his creative life, he can't function with his family, he can't function in day-to-day, or and that he drinks even though he knows it's badly hurting him in a whole variety of ways. i don't know the answer to that. only the people who are treating him know that. exactly arnks abuser
Jul 19, 2012 6:30am PDT
. please give us some international flights. china is the only place i can fly to directly. that is my plug for the morning. i want to thank our wonderful panel for getting up early. we work 10 hours which is usually working all night and sleeping in tel 10:00 a.m. give them a big hand of applause for being here. [applause] >> ok. let's give our panel another great round of applause. they were great. this is the beginning of the chamber's relationship with the tech community. i want to give special thanks to ron conaway -- conway. no one has ever called me and angel except my mother. you really are an angel. you went out of your way. we will develop a strong working relationship with sf city, i promise you. now we're glad to end our program this morning with the man who has been the architect of putting tech on the map in san francisco and that is our mayor. please welcome back to the stage john mcnedo. john. [applause] >> thank you. it is now my pleasure to introduce our mayor. edwin m. lee was sworn in on january 8, 2012 as the 43rd mayor of the city and county of san francisco. ed lee is
FOX News
Jul 28, 2012 1:00pm PDT
aviv. he is visiting the key u.s. ally a place that obama has yet to visit since coming to the white house. i'm healther childers. >> i'm kelly wright. he is spending 36 hours in israel. including prime minister benjamin netanyahu. ahead of his trip he signed a bill reaffirming the united states commitment to israel and the administration announced additional defense funding for the jewish state. molly henneberg is live in washington, d.c. where she has been following all this. critics say the actions were timed to upstage governor's romney's visit. >> the white house says no to that. governor romney says he will not criticize president obama directly while he is overseas but romney has spoken previously while in the u.s. of obama's administration shabby treatment of israel. the israeli people deserve better than what they received from the leader of the free world. he is romney on the plane to israel today. israel is fearful of a nuclear attack by iran and governor romney will make the case he would be tougher with iran than president obama. he said in an interview with an israeli p
Jul 1, 2012 5:00am EDT
is restored. we have rob gold from b.g.e. joining us on the phone. i know you guys are making progress. i've seen it myself. the routes are back on on route 140 yesterday, what is the situation this morning? >> we have making progress. we have over 600 out-of-state utility workers that are coming en route to us and they'll be augmenting the fight. the problem really was as was the case with irene or any other storm that is the nature of this damage, it's taking manpower to get out there, cut away the trees, understand what you have and get the lights and power back on by restoring all of the pieces of equipment that keep our service on on a regular basis. >> you guys know it's hot so you're working as fast as you can. >> well, we are. the problem is, though, i think -- think about society. our expectations have all changed. and we want our power back on now. and i think people forget very quickly the sound of that storm as it rolled through, the feeling of the house shaking. this was violent. and the reality is it took a lot of toll on our system and not just our system. this was the en
Jul 22, 2012 10:30am EDT
officer, and you think we are angry, we sure as hell are angry. >> schieffer: chief oates will be with us this morning as we continue to report on the largest mass shooting in u.s. history, a crime that has so far left 12 dead and 70 wound. even after the arrest of james holmes, questions remain: how and for what reason could all this have happened? we'll also talk to aurora congressman ed perlmutter, aurora mayor, steve hogan, and new york mayor michael bloomberg who says the presidential candidates must stop avoiding the subject of guns. >> where are they now and why don't they stand up and if they want our votes, they better? >> schieffer: we'll also bring in the cbs team covering this story, correspondents barry petersen, bob miller, and bob orr. in london, reports this morning that israeli security forces are searching for an iranian terror squad planning an attack on really olympic athletes. we'll get the latest on that from israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu. plus analysis on all of the above from our own norah o'donnell and john dickerson because this is "face the nation"."
Jul 30, 2012 1:00pm PDT
candidate. governor romney, thanks so much for joining us, in jerusalem. what a beautiful city. i'm sure you've been moved by what you've seen so far. >> it's a holy city, a city of a great and courageous people. my wife and i first came here in 1995 and have been here four times now. we're moved and inspired by what we see here. >> do you consider jerusalem to be the capital? >> yes, of course. jew res l >> would you move the embassy to jerusalem? >> it's long been the policy of have the nation's embassy in the capital. if i were president, i would want to take it in consultation with the leadership of the government, which exists at that time. so i would follow the same policy we have in the past. our embassy would be in the capital. but the timing of that is something i would want to work out with the government. >> with the government of israel? >> with the government of israel. >> but every government has asked them to recognize them. >> well, that would make the decision easy, but i would still want the communication with the government leaders. >> just to be precise. if you were presi
Jul 30, 2012 4:00pm EDT
so and select the timing in accordance with the government of israel. >> you know that every u.s. president since '67, since the six-day war in 1967, behind you in the old city of jerusalem, you see the beautiful walls there, and we're not far away. but the line was in front of the old walls. but since then every president from nixon to lbj, carter, ronald reagan, bushes, president clinton, now obama considers east jerusalem, including the old city behind you to be occupied territory. not part of israel. would you change that? >> i'm not going to talk about the borders. the decision as to where the borders would be as we move to a two-state solution, which i support. that's a decision on borders that will be worked out by israelis and the palestinians. i hope it's a process which is ongoing and ultimately successful. as to the exact negotiation in borders, i'll leave that to the deciding parties themselves. >> you just visited the western wall. one of the oldest sites in jerusalem. we saw the pictures, the video. do you consider that to be part of israel? >> it is certainly part
FOX News
Jul 28, 2012 4:00pm EDT
and shooting investigation, just go to online on whatever device you use for the very latest information on this story. >> heather: you can believe this 100 days left in the race for the white house. it can't get any tighter. a new poll showing president obama and governor romney are all tied up with 46% each. these numbers especially significant looking ahead to november. in nine of the past ten elections, the candidate leading the gallup poll to hundred days out has won the presidency. what about this. it's all tied up. john is a columnist and thanks for joining us. all tied, 46% down to the finish who crosses first and wins november 6th and how? >> obviously we have a lot of game changing events. we have three presidential events. each candidate is going to have a speech laying out the future. the basics of this campaign have been the same for a long time. president obama is the incumbent. everybody knows him. everybody has an opinion on him. he has not crossed 50% of the vote in two key questions in over two years. one, do you believe he deserves reelection and two do you
Jul 12, 2012 10:30am EDT
this can re-scramble the u.s. economy, you know, in this positive way, or, perhaps, in not so positive of a way? are we going to become a new -- an energy state? going to become trapped in the resource curse? >> well, in many ways this question of energy independence, wherever it takes you, wants to get there, we already are a net exporter of coal. we don't really import a lot of electricity. eia forecasts that we'll be a net export of natural gas by 2020, and we had a very thorough discussion of the potential on the oil side. as the only federal employee on this panel -- >> see, i didn't ask you whether you thought president obama would benefit from this. >> i would say that the role of the federal government has not been, i don't think has been as negative as some have characterized it. natural gas and oil and hydraulic fracturing, a lot of the 3-d seismic technology used in this got its start in federal labs. the independents that were responsible for the breakthroughs in natural gas fracturing were helped tremendously by a federal subsidy on natural gas production. it was a dollar
Jul 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
in mexico and what it means for the u.s. later, al jazeera english correspondent alan fisher talks about how al jazeera's english news network covers american news in the united states and around the world. "washington journal" is next. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] host: good morning, it is monday, july 2, 2012. right now you are looking at the shot of the pentagon in arlington, virginia, as we spend the first 45 minutes talking about recent changes to the role of women in combat. the department of defense recently opened up 14,000 military jobs closer to the front lines that have previously been closed to women. but critics are questioning whether the military have gone far enough. as we discussed those efforts of this money, we want to know what you think. give us a call -- a very good monday morning to you. we should note that congress is away from washington this week for the fourth of july recess, but it is still going to be an important week politically with the fallout from the supreme court decision a
Jul 6, 2012 2:00pm EDT
in the crowd. >> it is the july 4 weekend. dave is a teacher at carnegie mellon. what the u.s. expect to hear from the president today? >> i want to see him, and i have such respect for the government under his leadership. e>> i am from philadelphia. the reason i came here today is the first time to see the president in person. >> you are from los angeles. >> i am here for the pre-college program at carnegie mellon. >> so this is a lesson in politics? >> yes, it is, and is cool to see him a hundred feet away. he is right in my front yard. it will be interesting. >> what do you expect to learn today? >> not only how particulate he is, because i have heard he is an amazing speaker, but how he gets people to vote for him and his different maneuvers and tactics. >> where are you from? >> i am here from los angeles, a stint in the pre-college -- a student in the pre-college program in musical theater. i am excited about it. >> you have been here for a couple of hours. what do you want to hear from the president? >> i am not here to hear anything from him, but i want him to know that i support him,
Jul 22, 2012 8:30am PDT
investigator, aurora police chief daniel oates, is joining us this morning for his first interview since all of this happened. chief, thank you very much for taking the time to be with us. can you first clear up this story that originated overnight that investigators were looking for some so-called person of interest. what was that all about? >> sure. i'm not quite sure what the term "person of interest" means. we're interested in anyone who knew or had contact with the suspect, and this was a person who had contact with the suspect. suspect, eye casual acquaintance. we found him yesterday. we interviewed him. the relationship was real inconsequential. and we're happy that we spoke to him, but that's all that was. and as a responsible part of this investigation, we would be doing that with any of his acquaintances. so it's really an inconsequential matter. >> schieffer: as far as you know at this time, this involves only one person? >> all the evidence we have, every single indicator, is that this was-- this is all mr. holmes' activity and that he wasn't particularly aided by anyone else. >>
Jul 10, 2012 10:30pm EDT
use to issue their prok lamations, usually toothless. take a look at them and see if the language is familiar to you. the language of the declaration of the constitution is what the echo is. they are the most imitated political documents on the face of the earth. the most imitated political documents on the face of the earth. my final comment, chief justice roberts, you should have stuck to it. thank you very much. i welcome your questions. [ applause ] >> thank you, thank you. >> all right, bill bennett, you heard him say it. when he climbs a mountain summit, it knows it has been climbed, and now you have experienced when he rouses a political summit, it knows, we know, we have been roused. we have our marching orders. can we bring the lights up and there are the standing mikes on each side of the hall. if you would please come to the mike to put your question so that our c-span audience and live stream audience that's watching us right now in many states and countries, can be in on the discussion. and please identify yourself so that dr. bennett knows whose question he is taking
Jul 22, 2012 5:30pm PDT
from aurora later tonight. kate snowe has been on the scene since friday and she joins us to lead our coverage of the theater shooting. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you lester from aurora, colorado where the investigation into the suspect james holmes has taken several new turns but tonight this focus here in this field behind me where a vigil is being held is on the victims of this senseless tragedy. 12 people killed, 58 more wounded. at this hour 24 remain in the hospital, nine of them in critical condition. tonight the president is mourning along with the families who suffered overwhelming loss. miguel, good evening. >> the president has arrived here in aurora to meet with first responders and the victims. the vigils here are growing larger as the community comes together. ♪ >> reporter: on a day of prayer and reflection a community torn apart by violence comes together. >> lots of us, maybe all of us, keep asking why. >> reporter: today they remember the victims. >> john larimer. >> eventually you get the spirit to go on but we'll never forget. >> reporter: the sor
Jul 25, 2012 7:00am PDT
after the opening ceremony but actually began today for some competitors. for example, in soccer the u.s. women take on france today, that's a highly anticipated match. by the way, take a look at the aquack tight centre, one of the great venues over in olympic park and take a look at ryan lochte, one of the stars of the u.s. team getting a little warm-up action in over there. so things are really heating up. >> talk about heating up, there's going to be a fierce competition in the pool from ryan lochte and michael phelps. they will face off as soon as this week. speaking of ryan, another ryan joining us, our special correspondent ryan seacrest will give us the scoop at the aquatic centre. >> we'll be checking out another standout from the u.s. swim team, missy franklin, the 17-year-old known as the missile. she could swim away with seven medals in london. exciting to watch her as well. >> of course, the mayor of london, boris johnson, is quite a character. he's here playing it cool. he's going to be chatting with you a little bit. welcome all of us and welcome the world. >> he's been wor
Jul 13, 2012 6:00am PDT
, no. >> they just announced they are getting back together. >> as my mom used to call them geekwood flat. stephanie your geekwood flat tickets arrived. [ laughter ] >> all right. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie cutter who is going to marry me and not jim -- said obama's deputy campaign manager just in case you just tuned in the story of the morning, he said either romney was misrepresenting his position at bain to the sec, which is a . . . felony! [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> or he was misrepresenting his involve in the bain capital to the american people. the romney camp said president obama's campaign hit a new low when one of its senior advisors made a reckless and unsubstantiated charge to reporters about mitt romney that was so over the top it calls into question the integrity of their entire campaign. president obama ought to apologize for the out of control behavior of his staff. >> doesn't obama realize that lots of men are chairmens, ceos of his company but don't know what they do. >> that's how you get to a be a ceo by not knowing what i
FOX News
Jul 4, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, the u.s. park service has a plan. >> people will then be directed to buildings along either constitution avenue or independence avenue or to some of the smithsonian museums where it's air conditioned and covered out of sight. >> they took what little shade there was, well positioned near the washington monument for the big show later on. all of them trying to stay cool. mostly succeeding. >> no shade. a lot of water. things are going good. >> fabulous, i love it. >> still a possibility of thunderstorms down here on the mall. but the likelihood has dropped to 10%. so it looks like that big show at the other end of the mall on the capitol steps, capitol fourth can go on uninterrupted at 8:00 p.m. followed be by the spectacular fireworks show around 9:10 tonight. >> john: good news, steve. we'll be watching. thank you so much. steve centanni on the national mall. firefighters battling blazes across the west are keeping an eye out for fireworks tonight. they're also hoping that calmer winds and higher humidity will help them get upper hands in the fires. correspondent alicia acuna is in denv
Jul 19, 2012 4:00pm EDT
because we do things together. >> good. glad we cleared that up. let's bring our panel with us from washington. msnbc political analyst, karen finney and democratic strategist, julian epstein. karen, when you look at the obama campaign ad, turns out romney agrees with the president. when you talk it all in context, so can we put this whole attack on free enterprise to bed? >> oh, jonathan. what is it, july? we're going to hear -- please, we're going to hear this between now and election day and what it shows is the romney campaign is getting very desperate. the kind of editing job that into the attack ad was something we have not quite seen at this early a stage in a campaign. and again, it shows there's an element of desperation. they think they were able to latch on to something. my favorite thing though is apparently, he's comfortable talking about the middle class and poor people. he wasn't so worried about the poor a while ago and wasn't talking about the middle class. he was focused on the job creators. must have seen a poll that says talk about the middle class, so he's talki
Jul 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
out of state. >> burst into flames. >> we have a lot to get to. natalie, bring us up to date on olympic news. >> as you mentioned the first two days of competition you saw a lot of thrilling victories, but also heartbreaking disappointment. >> michael phelps and ryan lochte. >> reporter: big surprises in the pool. sunday night the men's 4 x 100 relay with superstars michael phelps and ryan lochte leading the way. >> i think the americans are set up well. >> the u.s. started strong but lochte couldn't hold the lead in the final second. >> france will outtouch the americans and lochte. >> the u.s. walking away with silver. france taking gold. >> michael phelps -- >> on saturday phelps and lochte went head to head for the so-called duel in the pool. >> lochte will win. >> lochte crushed the competition scoring his first gold medal of the game. >> it is not michael phelps, the two-time defending olympic champion. dethroned. >> phelps finished fourth without a medal. >> i have a lot of races. the big thing now is putting this behind me and moving on. >> both men are back in the po
Jul 10, 2012 5:30am PDT
details on that, but there's also rhode island, who actually is thinking about using its soar program, s-o-a-r program as a way to be able to think about enrolling individuals. the soar program was very helpful in terms of getting people who qualified for medicaid but weren't enrolled in medicaid to actually enroll in medicaid. and it's a definitive program where people can call and get assistance and people will talk them through the system? yes. and actually even work with them face to face, work with them to walk through the applications, meet them even in the places where they have to complete the applications. very good. any other best practices, richard? well, i think the philosophy is trying to meet people where they are. the idea is to recognize that people who are in that under 133 percent of the poverty line who are currently uninsured tend to be single, childless adults. they tend to be very poor. half of those people are under 50 percent of the poverty line, so they are extremely poor, very often homeless or have unstable housing, therefore, hard to kind of track down to one
Jul 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, to be here in-house ton. houston first baptist. i want to thank the church and the pastor for hosting us and making this possible, and i want to thank the churches that are participating all over the country. we have churches and small group bible study and home groups in 42 states around the united states. as well as in canada, india, new zealand are participating. welcome, we're glad you're with us.= and god bless you. [applause] for the next three hours, we're going look at some issues that are sobering, to say the least. we're going it?z take questions here at houston first baptist. but we also want to take questions from those around the country. not all of you. we hope to take as many as we can in the three hours we have here. but we would love for you to tweet those questions in. some of you already have. but you can tweet in the questions during the event even those here thinking you don't want to get up the microphone and you can do that@jcr/traffic. again,@jcr/traffic. and we look forward to those questions. this is an interesting moment in our country's history. and this is a
Jul 24, 2012 7:00pm EDT
with us. [ speaking in french ] hello, omar? omar? >> reporter: i want to explain how we got here. because mally is in the middle of a war that the world needs to watch. it began when the united states and nato intervened in libya when moammar gadhafi was killed, all of his weapons were essentially up for grabs, and they were stolen, stolen by some of the fierce tore regular tribe in mally and it's lambic radicals. the toreg used the weapons to fight and declare independence from mally, something they have wanted for decades. but the country was then split in half. the mallian government, with only 7,000 american-trained troops couldn't stop the toureg. and frustrated, some commanders staged a coup. mali, one of the most successful, fell into disarray. and that's when radicals seized the moment. person after person has told us of fighters seen in libya, algeria, afghanistan and other countries in the middle east. the islamic crushed the toureg, and the men they defeated told us the islamists have many more weapons, rpgs, ak-47s, mortars and high-caliber weapons mounted on the back of 4 x 4
Jul 7, 2012 6:00pm EDT
dutes is in the heat and monitoring. he tells us what it is like at the stadium. >> it is very toasty outside. i use this as the one excuse out of the year to wear shorts to work today. firefighters at the african- american festival have treated up to 20 people for heat-related illnesses. folks are determined to have fun and trying to stay cool. as temperatures climbed into triple digits, people at the african-american festival did whatever they could to stay cool. misting zones, fans, and bottled water helped to beat the heat. as anyone will tell you, it is still hot. >> not as hot as afghanistan right now. that is a plus for us right now. the uniform is an honor to where anytime you can. >> volunteer firefighters were on hand for emergencies. across the state, nine people have died from extreme heat. doctors are urging everyone to be mindful. >> protect themselves as much as possible. light clothing, using an umbrella, shave. >> emergency rooms have seen an increase in patients from heat- related illnesses because of the power outages and heat. officials are encouraging everyone to
Jul 10, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. i'm with the mexican youth agency. i will use part of the more recent analogy. what are the chances when they add a new chapel in the form of the change, i don't know either in the electoral law or in the constitution, that a long second round of votes, especially considering in the last presidential election the margin between the first and second place was minimal, and in this case pena nita is going to have a very low mandate given the fact that he has not reached 40% of the polls. >> that's a good question. i don't know if people could hear it, but whether new reforms might contemplate a second round of voting since you have three primary conditions, pena nieta with 38%, a healthy margin of six points or less, but still far from a majority mexicans supporting the new president, so a good question. this young lady here. >> hello. c.j. hernandez from the u.s. state department. now that we're getting through the elafgts election and what's to come with pena nieto administration it was pointed out that calderon still has the office for the next four and a half months. do any of you
Jul 24, 2012 9:00pm CDT
went dark at u.s. 30 and broadway. across the border of aurora rockford and the city of chicago ranked the worst over 400 crews worked tirelessly working to restore power to hundreds of thousands without it the heat is expected to crank up again tomorrow and that has plenty of people anxious. this church was reportedly struck by lightning on the west sign, this people all but gone. i thought i was dreaming that i heard a few things falling off the shelf in the bedroom then i heard her screaming and hollering to try to get into the bedroom doors but they wouldn't open because they were caving in. we ran out the back door and everything, the floor started caving in, the roof started caving canada. >>in. >> it's hard to believe when you consider the level of devastation we have seen in all parts of our area it may take until thursday for power to be fully restored in this area. some advice from the professionals tonight if you see any downed power lines to stay away from them, he could have them check it out if in fact you discover one also check on your neighbors especially in light o
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